Tech Liberty is a campaign lead by Students For Liberty staff and activists.



Managing Director

Aleksandar has been involved with the campaign since its inception in 2014. He has spoken on the topics of drug reform in 20+ countries and worked with activists in 50+ countries to help change the horrific consequences of the war on drugs.


Campaign Manager

Mariam is from Tbilisi, Georgia. She has been an organizer of #DoNotArrest movement and marijuana rally which have been launched against repressive drug policy and lead to the decriminalization of cannabis in Georgia.


Campaign Manager

Eric has been involved with Students For Liberty since 2016. He has worked directly with hundreds of students to reach thousands more with the ideas of individual autonomy and more effective, humane, and decentralized social governance.


Burugu Babu

Tech Liberty Campaign Coordinator Fellow

Burugu Babu is a public policy analyst, entrepreneur, and gender equality advocate. He is passionate about leadership and youth participation in governance. His educational background is in International Relations and Diplomacy, and Project Management.

Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu

Tech Liberty Social Media & Marketing Fellow

Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu hails from Tamale, Ghana in West Africa. His libertarian and activism journey in SFL started in the 2018/2019 SFL Fiscal year after he was officially confirmed as a Local Coordinator( LC) of the 2018 LC Cohort in August. Mustapha is a staunch enthusiast of financial and economic liberal ideas such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship.

Shradha Pandey

Tech Liberty Research & Blog Fellow

Shradha is an enthusiastic tech liberty promoter who loves to experiment and tinker around the policies and regulations relating to the internet. She is a blog writer in the t3ch l1b3rty Global Campaign in the 2020-21 cohort.

Orcun Kocak

Tech Liberty Campaign Coordinator Fellow

Orçun has been with the SFL Turkey team for the last 4 years and has been a freedom activist for 5. He is also the founder of the Future Technologies Association and the Turkish Objectivist Network. Orçun is currently doing his master's on Liberal Movements and in 19th Century Japan and owns a video production company.

Guillaume Moukala

Tech Liberty Blog & Contributor Fellow

Guillaume is involved in European Students for Liberty since 2017. He is now President of the French Students for Liberty. He collaborated with many think-tanks and libertarian organizations, including the Consumer Choice Center, and has published many columns in the French press. He is especially interested in issues at the intersection of economics, technology, and innovation.

Luka Dzagania

Tech Liberty Marketing Fellow

Luka is a graduate of Politics and International Relations from the University of York, UK. He has been actively involved in the non-government and informal education sectors in Georgia since 2014, presiding over a number of large-scale conferences in the country. In 2017 he joined Students For Liberty as a local coordinator.